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MicroSoft XBOX mod-chip Frequently Asked Question

What does a xbox modchip do for me?
By adding a chip to your xbox you will bust your machines power wide open. You will be able to play CDR /CDRW /DVD-R /DVD-RW, as well Macrovision Removed and multi region dvd player capable.

Will the modchip effect or damage my Xbox?
No, the chips we sell will never effect you machine, they at any point can be removed and in the case of the Xecuter a on of switch can even be added so you can instantly restore the xbox to 100% pre-modification.

Chameleon XBOX ModChip

The reason for the name Chameleon is because the end user, at his discretion can add or remove features and control as he or she wishes. The Chameleon ModChip can change and offer you the features you want according to how far you want to go. Weather you are using it as a Matrix Add-on or stand alone chip, the hardware has been designed to offer you limitless options for the future.

For the first time in the history of mod chips, we introduce SOFTWARE CONTROL. With some very innovative work from some special people we are able to bring to you a completely new and exciting realm of features. What Chameleon currently offers is just the tip of the iceberg and we are sure that with this technology under our belts the world of mod chips will never be the same.


This chip will allow you to play all import games in US, JAP and PAL format. The chip will be shipped unflashed (for legal reasons). Please flash with your own bios software. Main Features: NO WIRES absolutely nothing to solder, fFlash Upgradeable (programmer included), iInstalls in under 5 minutes, wWorks with ALL Xbox's

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